2023 Pre-Race details email

The following was sent to all participants, and is posted here for future reference

Greetings participants! 

This email is going to be a bit long, but it is very important that you read all of this to ensure a safe and fun event. First though, we want to thank you for participating this year, and hanging in with us through the uncertainty of the crazy winter we’ve been having. It has not been a smooth year for winter ultras in the upper midwest, but hopefully things are turning a corner. 

First, our 2023 Pre-Race Briefing is live on YouTube. This is required watching for participants, even if you’ve seen it in previous years. https://youtu.be/2bzFn3gl3MQ

Next, some notes on the logistics of the event. 

  • Make sure you know how to get to the race HQ! People sometimes get confused as to where to go, but follow the map on our details page and you should have no issues: https://stcroixwinterultra.com/race-details/
  • Cell service in the park is limited, so print out, or save, any maps you think you might need before you leave home. 
  • Park anywhere in the main parking lot when you arrive. There will also be many snowmobilers with trailers parked in the lot as well. They are usually on their way out in the evening time, so make sure not to block anyone’s vehicle, or any trailer loading area.

Course conditions

  • The loop that we will be using will be completely groomed by race day. However, there is a high level of snowmobile traffic, so it will most likely not be pristine. Be prepared to adapt!
  • Temperatures are currently slated to be in the mid-20°F (-2° to -5°C). 

Gear check

  • When you arrive for gear check, bring your items into the trail center and find a table and lay out your items for the gear checker. 
  • Sleds and bikes are not allowed inside the trail center building.
  • We have a lot of people to get through so please, be efficient and only bring in what you need to get checked, and be ready to show the checkers the items on the required gear list. 
  • If all the tables are full, please wait outside until there is room. We need to get a lot of people in and out of this building in a short amount of time and because of all the gear, we need a lot of space to do this.
  • Once your gear has been checked please head out of the building to get packed and ready, and to make room for others in the trail center. 

Race start

  • Be ready to crawl into your sleeping bag 5 minutes before start. You don’t need to crawl into your bag until 1-2 minutes before start, but please be ready to go on time
  • Once everyone is tucked into their bags, we’ll wait until the race start time and then I’ll release you onto the course. You must pack up all your gear and bring it with you. You cannot leave gear at the start. 


  • After you finish your first loop, proceed to the checkpoint area near the finish line. Do not cross the finish line after your first loop. 
  • You will not be allowed inside the trail center during your checkpoint time except for medical emergencies, at which point your race is concluded.
  • Once your water boil test is completed, head back out the same way you started and do the loop a second time (yay for getting to do Crooked Creek twice!!!)
  • You must be through the checkpoint by 3am.


  • Once you’ve completed your second loop, cross the finish line in victory for a job well done! 
  • You will be handed your finisher medallion and the finish line staff will do some amount of gear checking to ensure you followed the rules (be ready to show us your finish line calories).
  • Then proceed inside the trail center for some hot breakfast and camaraderie. 
  • There are showers available inside the trail center, and you’re welcome to use them, however, bring your own soap and towel. 
  • You’re more than welcome to stay and watch more folks finish their races, however, please be courteous and make sure everyone who finishes has a place to sit while they eat their breakfast. 

Also, please note, you are welcome to pull out your sleeping bag and bivy sack and sleep for a while after you finish in one of the staging areas (or take a nap in your car). We don’t want anyone risking a long drive while tired, so do what you need to in order to be safe. 

Once again, thank you for joining us this year at St Croix 40 and we can’t wait to see everyone this weekend. 

Jamison and Lisa

1 thought on “2023 Pre-Race details email

  1. Jamison, Lisa and staff. Thank you for such an awesome even! Accomplishing this and finishing brought tears to my eyes. I cannot wait until next year!
    Tim bib #119

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