Keeping water warm version 2!

Keeping your water warm is one of the key requirements of being successful in a winter ultra, but you don’t need to sacrifice weight or $$ to make it happen. In this long anticipated re-do of a video, we share a simple hack that was taught to me by my buddy Jeff Rock, and has been a gimmick passed down through the years by many a winter athlete. To put this together you’re going to need just a few simple things:

  • Nalgene bottle (32 oz)
  • Reflictix
  • Hockey tape
  • Scissors

Check out the video below for how to put it all together!

2 thoughts on “Keeping water warm version 2!

  1. Jamison!

    The new video is great. I still have a couple of nalgenes with my foam sleeping pad insulators from my st croix race!

    I got into Arrowhead this year and will be competing on foot and dragging my water bottles with me.

    Take care, Mack

    P.s. I noticed the number of your YouTube subscribers. Niiice!


  2. It works fantastic!
    Made it, filled a 32 oz Nalgene, set it outside at 5 degrees F
    for 11 hour just a little skim ice. Bouncing around on the bike I dont see it freezing at all !
    Great hack!!!!
    Can’t wait for January and my first St Croix 40!


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