2022 COVID Update!

As everyone is likely aware, we’re in the midst of another COVID surge. This means that we need to take extra precautions this year.

This year’s St. Croix 40 will look very familiar. Same distance, same skill checks, same post-race breakfast food. The logistics will be a little different, though, and it’s critically important that you understand what this means for you.

To eliminate gathering indoors:
1) The pre-race briefing will be pre-recorded and sent out in the coming days.
2) A cursory gear check will take place outside. For your own safety, do NOT take advantage of our leniency as an excuse to skimp on gear. All required gear is still required.
3) Spectators will not be allowed to hang out in the Trail Center.
4) Participants will be limited to 30 minutes in the Trail Center after their race.
5) Breakfast will be served in compostable clamshell containers, to be eaten by the outdoor fire or in your vehicle. (This will be hot food, as in previous years. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, oatmeal packets, and a few cold options.)

To eliminate exposure during times indoors:
1) Volunteers will need to wear N95 or KN95 masks if indoors for more than 30 minutes. (Surgical or cloth masks are fine for pop-ins.)
2) Participants will need to wear a surgical mask or better if indoors. (Cloth masks or dry buffs are fine for pop-ins.)
3) Eating and drinking should be done outside, or consider bringing a straw for your beverages, to eliminate the need to pull down your mask.
4) There will be multiple fires outside, and we’ll keep them going as long as possible!

The indoor mask rules are a requirement of our permit from the DNR. Please respect these rules so that we can continue to hold the race in the future!

And finally: If you test positive for COVID this week, you cannot participate or volunteer. Please notify us as soon as possible.

All of this means that this year, you’ll be chilly. You’ll spend your downtime outside. You might rest after your race in a bivy. Your family can’t huddle up indoors for hours as they wait for you to finish. We’ll issue reminders, but we reserve the right to disqualify any racer who willfully breaks these very important rules.

Because you may be spending a lot of time in your vehicle, please make sure you have a full tank of gas before leaving the closest city (Hinckley or Danbury). You should also make sure you have jumper cables in case a battery dies. 

We understand that some of this might seem like an overreaction, but please know this: 


Our community is a tough, resilient, thriving bunch of people, and not only do we want to see you next year at Tuscobia or Arrowhead with strong lungs and a healthy heart, we want to know that everyone in your family is well, too. 

There is so much more to life than this race. Come happy, come healthy, and come bundled to your eyeballs. We can’t wait to see you!

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