We realize that people will have many questions about this event. This page will seek to answer as may questions as we can. Please review these questions before contacting race directors.

I won’t need to sleep. Do I still need to bring a sleeping bag and bivy?

Yes, all participants will need to have a complete mandatory kit, including sleeping bag and bivy. The St. Croix 40 Winter Ultra was created, in part, to teach survival and safety principles. While we don’t expect that anyone will need to bed down overnight, there’s always a chance that a sleeping bag and bivy would be needed in an emergency.

But what if I want to travel fast and light?

The mandatory gear list was conceived with an emphasis on safety. As such, none of the gear is negotiable.

Can I use a backpack or must I pull a sled?

Because the course is a shorter course, a backpack will be allowed. However, all gear must fit in to the bag. If there is adequate snow, we recommend a sled for easier transport.

What if I need to go to the bathroom?

Step off the trail to relieve yourself. It is inappropriate to leave any kind of human waste on the trail, and doing so is disrespectful to both St. Croix State Park and your fellow competitors. If you use toilet paper, secure it in a sealed bag and drop it in the next available trash can. Do not leave toilet paper in the woods.

The forecast is warm. Do I still need a sleeping bag rated at 0F (or lower)?

Yes. This rating was chosen to assure safety in a variety of conditions, and weather forecasts aren’t always correct. As a recommendation: If you’re considering participating in other winter ultras, check their gear requirements before purchasing your sleeping bag. Some winter ultras have even more stringent requirements, such as -30F.

I have some blinky lights that I use for running in the city. Are you sure I can’t use them?

We’re sure. Unless you’re using some pretty heavy-duty bike taillights, they’re not bright enough. This is for your safety. Check out our guide here for more information on which lights are acceptable.

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