Races like this can’t happen without the help of amazing sponsors. Whether it’s providing gear to participants, or financial support, sponsors help to make races possible. We want to highlight our partners who have come alongside of us to help us create this amazing event.


The most important gear that you can have is your sled. SkiPulk.com is the premier vendor of pulk systems in Minnesota. They have everything you need from full Paris and Siglin systems, to special mounts to add a sled or pulk to your bike. All of their systems are assembled in Minnesota and are shipped direct to you, ready for your winter adventures. Check out how they can help you be successful as you enjoy or compete in our wonderful winter wonderlands.

Barr Mitts are a great accessory to your winter bike riding. Cold weather, waterproof and windproof accessory to keep hands warm and comfortable in the cold, rain, snow and wind. Can help people that suffer from “Raynaud’s Disease” (circulation problems with hands). Attaches to bar and are easily installed and removed for temperature changes. Can be used with regular cycling gloves of varying thickness, increasing dexterity.

Stays secure and stiff on the handlebar while the body of the neoprene allows for easy hand access and removal while braking and shifting are easily accomplished. Reflective material to keep outdoor activities safe.

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