Race Rules

Events like this can only take place if participants respect and obey the rules. It is important to understand that we are guests of the St. Croix State Park, and all participants should behave accordingly as guests. If this race is to continue, everyone must follow these guidelines.

  • Respect all park property. No pets are allowed in park buildings.
  • Do not litter! This includes human waste.
  • Give snowmobiles the right of way.
  • No outside assistance. You may only be aided by other racers and official race volunteers (at the aid station). NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Headphones must be in one ear only.
  • No camping.
  • You must check-in at the aid station.
  • Race officials are the judge of the boiling water test and makes the final decision when you can leave.
  • All reflective gear and lights must be on the outermost layer of clothing. Snowmobile patrols will be watching for this.

All rule infractions will result in time penalties and possible disqualification. Flagrant disregard of rules will result in being banned from the race in the future.

The race directors are the final arbiter and decision-maker around all rules.

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