2021 St Croix 40 Cancellation

As you may be aware, the upper midwest is going through a difficult time right now as it pertains to COVID-19. Even though Minnesota is doing better than some of our neighbors, we have also reached a breaking point. This week our state government rolled back large portions of the re-opening plan in order to deal with skyrocketing hospitalizations and ICU utilization.

One of the rollbacks involves sporting events, which specifically includes running and biking events such as ours. Although this restriction is only in place until mid-December, we have no guarantee that it will go back to the level we need it to be at in order to hold the St Croix 40 Winter Ultra in time.

We also need to consider that 25% of our field is from out-of-state (or international), and almost every participant has to travel more than an hour to get to the park. Even if the restriction on sporting events is lifted, we also have no promise that travel restrictions, and access to restaurants and other amenities, will be back in time. Therefore, we are sad to announce that the 2021 St Croix 40 is cancelled.

We started this race three years ago as a way to introduce people to the winter ultramarathon sport, and as a bonus we’ve developed many wonderful friendships through this community. It pains us that we won’t be able to have our all-night winter party in the woods this January, but we know that there are more important things than our little race. We ask that each of you please do what you can to stay safe and healthy. We know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, we just have to be patient. We can’t wait to greet all of you with big hugs again in 2022.

When you signed up for the race you were notified of our 2021 cancelation policy. We are now putting that policy into effect. That policy states:

Cancellation Policy for 2021 edition: If the St Croix 40 Winter Ultra is cancelled due to issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, or if international participants are banned from travel, participants will have two choices. 1) Participants can donate their entry to the race organization and forfeit their entry fee. This helps ensure a sustainable race organization going forward. 2) Participants can defer their entry until 2022 (with no additional charge), guaranteeing a spot in that year’s edition of the race. This deferral is for 1 year only and can not be postponed to future editions of the race.

If a cancellation occurs, participants will be emailed directly to select their choice. As per our stated policy we will not be able to give refunds even in the event of a cancellation.

Thank you for your understanding, and take care,

Jamison & Lisa Swift

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